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Zimbabweans Express Concern, Anxiety Over Mugabe And Military Negotiations

Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe, center-right, arrives to preside over a student graduation ceremony at Zimbabwe Open University on the outskirts of Harare, Zimbabwe Friday, Nov. 17, 2017. Mugabe is making his first public appearance since the military put him under house arrest earlier this week. (AP Photo/Ben Curtis)

Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe carried out his duties as chancellor of the country’s universities, Friday, by presiding over a graduation ceremony at the Zimbabwe Open University, smack in the middle of negotiations with the military to give up power.

Wearing a blue and yellow academic gown and mortar board hat, President Mugabe appeared as he did in pictures released Wednesday by state media, of him calmly meeting with generals and other stakeholders involved in negotiations for his ouster.

Mr. Mugabe has not been seen public since a military takeover Wednesday, where military spokesman Sibusiwo Moyo assured the nation that the president and his family were safe.

According to various reports, negotiations have broken down between the military and Mr. Mugabe, who has reportedly refused to step down from office.

Zimbabweans have expressed anxiety and concern over the ongoing negotiation that involve several members of Mr. Mugabe’s cabinet, the military, a priest and representatives of South African President Jacob Zuma, who are serving as mediators.

President Mugabe’s appearance at the university graduation, confirmed for many that negotiation talks were not going well.

But the Zimbabwe Defence Force says it is making tremendous progress in its talks with Mr. Mugabe.

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