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Zimbabwe's Occupy Movement Seeks High Court Order Against Police Brutality

Some Members of Occupy Movement Of Zimbabwe at Africa Unity Square
Some Members of Occupy Movement Of Zimbabwe at Africa Unity Square

Occupy Africa Movement, a grouping of youth activists who have renamed their campaign #5-6, under which they meet daily from 5pm to 6pm to address different issues affecting the country, say they failed to meet today as there were riot police water canon vehicles parked in the area they usually converge at Africa Unity square which they have renamed Dzamara square.

Zimbabwe republic Police
Zimbabwe republic Police

​Spokesperson Lynda Masarira says the grouping has filed an urgent high court application against police brutality following today’s show of power and an incident that happened last night where some of the members were allegedly assaulted by the police.

Ms Masarira says despite the continued police harassment they will continue with their campaign.

“Our demands remain very clear as follows: Repayment of the stolen US$15 billion diamond revenue and the arrest and incarceration of the perpetrators. The fulfillment of the 2.2 million jobs promised in 2013 by President Robert Mugabe. An immediate end to privatisation of social services and an increased public expenditure on social services to ensure accessible quality education, health, water and welfare programmes for the vulnerable groups and an end to anti-worker policies and legislation,” said Ms Masarira.

“We say No to austerity! We want the government to declare cancer care and treatment a national emergency. An end to abductions, torture and enforced disappearance and all forms of State and political violence. We would like abducted activist Itai Dzamara to be brought back,” added Masarira.

Speaking to the current cash crisis facing the country, Masarira said they will continue pushing for the government to address the continued economic decline of the economy.

“We would like an unlimited access to our hard earned money from banks and we totally reject the proposed bond notes which are anything but theft of our money. Urgent realignment of all laws to the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment 20. The resignation of President Mugabe and his ZANU PF regime from power,” she concluded.