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Zimbabwe Police Ban Planned MDC Protests in Masvingo

MDC Demos - Harare

Zimbabwe police have issued another ban on a planned demonstration by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), scheduled for Wednesday.

This is the fourth demonstration that police have banned, citing fear of an outbreak of violence.

Despite efforts by the MDC to file an appeal against the prohibition orders citing a violation of their constitutional rights, Zimbabwe’s courts have upheld the bans, which are normally issued by the police on the eve of all the planned public protests.

Protests over the deteriorating economic situation in the country have been blocked by the police in Harare, Bulawayo and Gweru.

Zimbabwe-based political analyst, Charles Mutasa, says the real reason for banning the protests is political tension between President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government and opposition MDC leader Nelson Chamisa, who has refused to recognize Mnangagwa’s legitimacy.

Mutasa says tension in Zimbabwe can only be resolved through dialogue between the opposition MDC and ruling Zanu PF.

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