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Southern African Nations to Use Non-Surgical Male Circumcision

PrePex is the first known device to facilitate non-surgical adult male circumcision that can claim all of the following: No injected anesthesia. No blood. No sutures. No sterile settings.
Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa are planning to introduce a new circumcision method which uses a non-surgical method to cut off foreskins.

Sourcess close to the latest development say various international agencies are being mobilized in most of these nations for a massive program which will use a PrePex device.

These countries are currently engaged in voluntary medical male circumcision programs, targeting the circumcision of millions of men.

Rwanda became the first country in Africa to launch a nationwide non-surgical adult male circumcision method.

Health experts say male circumcision reduces chances of contracting HIV by 60 percent.
This comes at a time when some institutions are battling to cater for thousands of AIDS orphans.

Michael Mizwa of the Baylor College says they are currently looking after 185,000 affected children.

Mizwa said in Swaziland “these centers of excellence cater for about 3,000 children and their families."
Interview With Michael Mizwa
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