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Analyst: Mugabe's Attack on Mawarire Mind Boggling

Evan Mawarire says Zimbabwean leaders have failed to properly run the country. (Photo: Evan Mawarire)

A political analyst Ricky Munyaradzi Mukonza, who is a lecturer at Tswane University of Technology in Polokwane, South Africa, says President Robert Mugabe’s stinging remarks about political protest leader Evan Mawarire of #ThisFlag showed that he was not in touch with the situation on the ground.

Mukonza’s comments followed President Mugabe’s attack on Mawarire, a church pastor, during the burial of Charles Utete at the Heroes’ Acre on Tuesday.

“I think the statements by the president which kind of threatened Pastor Evan shows a leader who is clueless, a leader who when issues have been brought to him cannot deal with issues but rather deals with the messenger,” Mukonza said.

President Mugabe launched a scathing attack on Pastor Evan Mawarire of the #thisflag movement, who rose to prominence for criticizing his government and organizing crippling protests in Zimbabwe, saying he suspects that he is not a minister of religion.

Officiating at the burial of the former chief secretary to the President and Cabinet, President Mugabe accused Pastor Evan Mawarire of being foreign-sponsored.

Mukonza said the president's remarks could be seen by "some overzealous Zanu PF supporters" as a ticket to physically attack Mawarire.

Interview With Ricky Munyaradzi Mukonza
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