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Zimbabweans Demand Stiff Penalties on Woman-Stripping Touts

Zimbabwe Republic Police

Women’s rights activists say a tough sentence should be passed on touts who will be found guilty of stripping a 28-year-old Harare woman last week, accusing her of being indecently dressed.

They say stiff penalties will discourage some men from harassing women in public, a situation that has been going on without police intervention.

This follows the arrest this week of a man identified as Marvellous Kandemiri in connection with the offence that drew public outrage and attracted international attention.

Police say they are still looking for more suspects, who claimed that the woman was wearing a "very short" mini-skirt. Kandemiiri has appeared in court is facing charges of indecent assault.

Women say they have a right to wear a dress of their choice.

A video circulating on social media showing the women being shoved and undressed by touts in the capital city went viral, raising international anger over the incident which has been condemned by many as barbaric.

The complainant filed a police report sometime this week. She has also met with some gender activists, who will discuss some of the details surrounding the stripping of the women and issues of women abuse on Saturday on VOA Studio 7.