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South Africa Special Permit Holders Skeptical of Visiting Zimbabwe

Regis Ngwerume, A Zimbabwean based in South Africa, said there is a lot of confusion over the processing of work permits.

Some Zimbabweans holding special permits say they are concerned over the use of permit application receipts at the Beitbridge border post as they travel home for the festive holiday.

The affected people fear they may encounter difficulties when trying to re-enter South Africa after the holidays.

The South African government earlier this month announced that Zimbabwean holders of the special Dispensation Zimbabwe Permit will be allowed, once they have completed the application to renew their permits, to travel back home and re-enter South Africa using receipts of their pending application.

Zimbabwe Migrant’s Association spokesman, Daniel Muzenda, told Studio 7 applicants of the Zimbabwe Special Permit must have a receipt proving that they have completed a permit application and payment to the South African government.

Travelers are still required to present their Zimbabwean passport during the process.

“Even if the passport has expired last week the minister [of South Africa] explained that that passport will be valid for 90 days even if it has expired by the 31st as per the new immigration requirement that all the ZSP permits were going to expire of the 31st of December,” said Muzenda.

Muzenda also implored applicants to carry their old DZP permits issued during the 2010 dispensation to avoid any additional issues at the border.

The South African government is extending the permits for Zimbabweans under a special work, business and students permit program.

Previous permit holders are required to apply online with a valid Zimbabwean passport; evidence of employment, business or accredited study; and a clear criminal record.

Applications close on December 31st, 2014, the same day permits issued four years ago will expire.