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Attorney Dismisses Reports of Pastor Mawarire's Arrest

Pstor Evan Mawarire being arrested on Tuesday in Harare.

A lawyer representing Pastor Evan Mawarire of #ThisFlag movement has dismissed as misleading reports that the minister of religion has been picked up by the police on fresh charges after he was freed yesterday by a Harare magistrate.

Attorney Harrison Nkomo told Studio 7 that as far as he is concerned, Pastor Mawarire is at home with his family.

Nkomo said messages circulating on social media that he has been re-arrested are untrue. He last saw his client Wednesday when a Harare magistrate ordered the police to release him from custody after the cleric was accused of allegedly attempting to subvert a constitutionally-elected government.

Pastor Mawarire has been calling for mass stay aways in Zimbabwe in conjunction with a protest group, Tajamuka-Sesijikile Campaign, comprising more than 30 youth organizations and thousands of individuals.

They want President Robert Mugabe to address the deteriorating economic situation in the country and curb rampant corruption, among several other issues.

Meanwhile, proponents of the beat-pots-campaign led by MDC-T vice president Thokozane Khuphe are expected in court Friday to seek clearance for a public protest Saturday against lack of food in households.

Police had indicated that they don’t have adequate manpower to monitor the protest. The MDC-T activists said this move was meant to thwart their peaceful protest.