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Bigger Building Needed to Accommodate Zimbabwe Lawmakers

Parliament of Zimbabwe
After increasing the number of lawmakers in the House of Assembly from 210 to 270, Zimbabwe now says some of the parliamentarians will have to stand during sittings due to lack of space.

Clerk of Parliament Austin Zvoma told journalists a new parliament building is urgently needed to ensure all lawmakers can be accommodated during deliberations.

He said the pressure on parliament facilities should push the executive to avail funds for the construction of a new parliament building in Mt Hampden.

The number of senators was reduced from 99 to 80 in the previous parliament while membership of the national of assembly was increased. The senate has enough space for the lawmakers unlike the House of Assembly.

Zvoma said in cases of joint sittings, the new constitution gives the president power to prescribe a venue other than the parliament building to ensure everyone is accommodated until the new building is in place.

Meanwhile Zvoma said his administration is ready for the 8th parliament which should begin with the swearing-in of lawmakers.

The Clerk of Court will swear in the lawmakers and they in turn will elect the speaker of parliament and president of the senate and their deputies in polls that will be supervised by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission.

President Robert Mugabe is expected to announce the dates when the new parliament will start sitting after his inauguration set for Thursday.