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Zimbabweans Urged to Commemorate Africa Day Despite Economic Woes

Some Pan Africanists and political commentators urge Zimbabweans to always commemorate Africa Day even if they are facing many challenges.

They argue that Africa Day – commemorated annually to mark the conception of the organization of African unity which fought for the liberation of many African nations from colonial rule – is special for all African nations.

This year’s Africa Day theme is ‘Building a better Africa and a better world’.

Independent political analyst Dr. Sabelo Gatsheni Ndlovu said Zimbabweans have every reason to commemorate Africa Day.

“Africa Day is linked to the liberation of the people of the black people and so it’s important in the sense that when we talk about Africa Day we are talking about the liberation of the people. We are also talking about their attempt to unify under the Organization of African Unity now known as the African Union and this in practice means the long-standing Pan-African agenda.”

On Zimbabweans commemorating the day, he said, it was necessary for them to mark the day even if they are facing serious social, economic and political problems.

“They need to celebrate in the hope that the regime in power won’t be there permanently if it is their major problem then they cannot actually severe themselves from the other African family which is celebrating Africa Day.”

Interview with Independent Political Analyst Dr. Sabelo Gatsheni Ndlovu
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But Harare resident, Wilson Wagoneka, said there is no reason for Zimbabweans to commemorate Africa Day as independence has become a curse to most of them.

“Zimbabwe is a sorry sight taking into account that our forefathers had a dream … They had also a dream of making Africa or giving Africa a status of its own … the honey that we used to dream …”

The OAU was established in 1963 with the major aim of dismantling colonialism in Africa.