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New Party Says Wealthy Zimbabweans Keeping Mugabe in Power

in this photo taken on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014, punters monitor the screens after betting on horses and football in Harare, Zimbabwe. Poor and desperate Zimbabweans hang out in Harare's crowded low-end betting halls, placing stakes as low as U.S. 20 cents on world soccer matches and international horse and dog races with fervent hopes of getting quick returns on their bit of cash. (AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

President Marcellina Chikasha of the newly formed African Democratic Party (ADP) says Zimbabweans deserve the pain and suffering they are going through under President Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party, suggesting that divisions within the opposition ranks and related issues have left one party to run the country as it wishes.

Chikasha, whose party was unveiled in April, says she is ready to rescue Zimbabwe.

She told a media briefing Tuesday that Zimbabweans in general are fearful of the unknown and as a result have failed to remove President Mugabe and his Zanu PF party from office.

She charged that the country’s citizens have collectively allowed corrupt, selfish and greedy individuals in Zanu PF to run the country.

Chikasha said other Zimbabweans, who could be doing more to help fight for democratic governance in the country, were selfish, preferring to guard against losing what they have accumulated in wealth over the years.

This group, she said, plays it safe by singing praises for people they know are destroying the country.


She said the ADP aims to create a functional and prosperous nation through a strategy that she says will see Zimbabwe’s developmental status improving drastically in 15 years.

The ADP leader said this can only be achieved through love and unity among Zimbabweans, adding where there is peace there is progress.

Chikasha commended MDC leader and former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai for his efforts in fighting for democracy in the country, adding her party will complement his efforts.

She said the ADP wants to restore the rule of law and human rights to define an identity she says will help united Zimbabweans from all regions, race and tribes.

Chikasha said though not ready to participate in any by-elections taking place now, the party will contest the 2018 elections with her as the ADP’s presidential candidate.


Meanwhile, parliament resumed sitting after a two-week break with lawmakers lamenting inconsistent policy pronouncements by the primary and secondary education ministry regarding requirements for entry into teacher training, extra lessons and entrance examination fees.

Mbizvo lawmaker, Settlement Chikwinya, said confusion in the ministry calls for a national stakeholder summit to deal with issues affecting the education sector.

Chikwinya received overwhelming support from colleagues across the political divide with the majority saying cabinet ministers were indifferent to the plight of pupils in public schools as their own children attended private schools locally and abroad.

The 41 year-old accountant went to Dominican Convent School in Bulawayo and Harare before doing her articles with Ernest and Young.

She then worked as an accountant and finance manager with various firms before taking up philanthropic work. She was married for a 11 years and has two sons aged16 and 18. She is divorced.