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Nelson Chamisa, Dumps MDC Alliance Name, Launches Citizens Coalition for Change

Nelson Chamisa (Courtesy Image)
Nelson Chamisa (Courtesy Image)

Nelson Chamisa has formed a new political party - Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) - promising to beat all parties in any election.

Addressing a press conference in Harare today, Chamisa said Zimbabweans are charting a new course.

He said the citizen is central to their new thrust. “We have left everything. We are now yellow. We are number one in the country. Champions are fought by mediocrity. You can’t stop us. Number one. It’s a done deal. The citizen is back at the center. One man one vote … It’s not going to be easy … Citizens turn the turbines of a nation. Every Zimbabwean must be organized for change.

“A new great Zimbabwe is being born. We are here, we are having a new entity and new organization. We have left the past. We represent new hope, joy, freedom. We represent ideas, solutions … A vision that spells glory to everyone.

Chamisa noted that “we have lost everything except ourselves. If you want MDC Alliance, take it. We cannot be sold. Our conviction to bring change to Zimbabwe is unshaken, it’s indomitable. We keep moving forward. The people have told us to leave the dirty past. We have listened to the people. It's key to deliver the platform of transformation. Those other people came after our name … and we said take it.”

He promised to transform lives in Zimbabwe. “We will go for the side meal (byelections), as a starter. The main meal is in 2023 and we are ready. The people have spoken. They want change. We want a new game in town …”

Chamisa said there is need to restore the dignity of the people of Zimbabwe.

He cited the migration of Zimbabweans to South Africa as a sign that all is not well in the country.

Chamisa abandoned the MDC Alliance name following squabbles with Douglas Mwonzora who leads the MDC-T. Mwonzora claimed recently that he is in charge of the MDC Alliance and has been "dumped" by the Thokozani Khupe group, which is claiming that Mwonzora is not fit to be president of the party after he aligned himself with the MDC Alliance.

The MDC Alliance was formed by several political parties in Zimbabwe before Mwonzora claimed wrestled the name from Chamisa.