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Opposition MDC-T Led by Douglas Mzonzora to Recall All Lawmakers, Councillors Linked to Nelson Chamisa

FILE: Supporters of Nelson Chamisa's opposition Movement for Democratic Change party attend the final election rally in Harare, Zimbabwe, July 28, 2018. REUTERS/Mike Hutchings - RC1EBBACADA0

The Movement for Democratic Change led by Douglas Mwonzora says it will recall all parliamentarians, councilors and others, who are linked to the leader of the MDC Alliance, Nelson Chamisa.

Addressing supporters at an event in Harare today to mark the 22nd anniversary of the formation of the MDC, the party’s national chairperson, Morgen Komichi, said this is designed to protect the image of the MDC-T.

Komichi said, “Honorable president I don’t want to see a parliamentarian who supports Chamisa, a provincial council which supports Chamisa, local government council which supports Chamisa and no mayor, no mayor in this country who shall belong to Chamisa. No.

“Those ‘deployees’ who are not prepared to work with MDC-T and support President Douglas Mwonzora should pack their bags and go. We cannot continue to support another political party that uses the same resources to daily demonize and vilify us. No. No. No.”

He appealed to those said to be working with MDC Alliance, who include Job Sikhala, Daniel Molokele and others, to seriously consider returning to the MDC-T.

“My last word to those ‘deployees’ who are still with us today is please come back to your party, the MDC-T, which Richard Morgan Tsvangirai left behind. Come back home before the 30th of September … After that, I don’t know. I declare that the war starts now to the 31st of December, the war of existence, the war of the hearts and minds of the people and I can assure you we will win it. Why do I say so? Because this leadership has got a vision.”

Komich said the MDC-T has set up a committee, headed by the secretary of local government, who is expected to visit all provinces to identify parliamentarians, councilors and others that support Chamisa.

“This woman (secretary of local government) is going to recommend the expulsion of everybody, not just from her head … She is travelling across the whole country meeting with councilors and MPs. Those that don’t take heed, will leave us in October. She is going to operate for one month, which is September alone. On the 30th of September she will be back in the MDC-Office and the axe will start chopping (some people).

Komich further liked Mwonzora to the Blibical Moses.

“The Bliblical Moses had a vision to take children of Israel from Egpyt to Canaan. It was a difficult moment for Moses to convince them to go to Canaan … They even insulted him. They said he was mad. He was castigated … Is it not what is happening to this gentleman (Mwonzora)? Is it not what is happening to all these leaders (MDC-T). They are saying you belong to Zanu PF. But Moses did not turn back because he had a vision. His vision was very clear. ‘Let’s go to the promised land of Israel’ … That vision was graphic in nature, that vision was romantic in nature, that vision was kissable in nature, that vision was realistic and tangible.”

Reacting to Komichi’s remarks, MDC Alliance deputy spokesperson, Felix Magalela Mafa, said the MDC-T chairperson is day dreaming.

“We know that they are recalling MPs so that they can have access to state funds. Komich is power hungry. He is a coward and knows very well that Chamisa selected him to become a senator. He is like a tick which follows a cow to the grave. We don’t care about what the MDC-T is doing. We are now used to this. It’s a circus.”

The MDC-T has recalled several MDC Alliance lawmakers and councilors aligned to the Chamisa formation.

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