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Personal Hygiene, Food Handling Key in Muslim Culture

A man prays while reading verses from the Koran in a hangar at the airport of the capital Bangui January 30, 2014. The hangar is used to shelter internally displaced Muslims fleeing the continuing sectarian violence and those waiting to be evacuated. (Photo: Reuters)

Muslims dress, eat and conduct themselves in various ways.

Sometimes women cover their faces as part of the Muslim culture and before eating meat, one has to follow certain cultural norms.

The chairperson of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs in Zimbabwe, Ishmael Duwa, says apart from worshipping Allah, they are also pre-occupied by self-hygiene.

While several governments worldwide are now embracing circumcision in the fight against HIV/AIDS, although not 100 percent, Duwa says circumcision is another way that was adopted long back by the Islamic community to preserve cleanliness among men and women.

Another Muslim worshipper, Ibrahim Khan, says some body parts should not be visible hence both men and women are required to wear specific gear.

On marriage, Duwa says Islamic men are allowed to marry one woman but can engage in polygamy under certain circumstances

He adds that at times marriages are pre-arranged by elders in their communities but this trend is fast changing.

Muslim follower, Mohammed Miya, says it is their tradition not to eat meat of an animal that they would not have killed themselves.

Lecturer of religious studies at the University of Zimbabwe, Agnes Chiwara, argues that Muslims prefer living in secluded communities.

Unlike in other countries where Muslims clash with other religious groups such as Christians, in Zimbabwe the community interacts with people from different religions.

Many Muslims in this country are engaged in various businesses in many sectors of the economy.

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