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Mugabe Returns to Zimbabwe, Leaves for South Africa

President Robert Mugabe
President Robert Mugabe returned home from a medical check-up in Singapore on Friday after spending a week in the south-eastern Asian state, leading to renewed questions about the health of the 90-year old leader who has no obvious successor.

But Mr. Mugabe, who has dispelled rumours that he is sick, left for South Africa on the same day to attend President Jacob Zuma’s inauguration.

More than 30 heads of state and government are expected to attend Mr. Zuma’s inaguration in Pretoria.

South Africa remains Zimbabwe’s leading trading partner though the balance favours pretoria.

Political sceintist Shakespeare Hamauswa of Mulungushiii University in Zambia said Zimbabweans have the right to talk about their leader’s health.

In a related development, while MDC-T supporters are hailing efforts by the party’s Guardian Council to bring the waring factions together, some political commentators say the panel’s chances look remote.
One such political commentator is Mlamuli Nkomo who said individuals, especially in the Morgan Tsvangirai camp who are eyeing positions at the november congress are the biggest threat to unity.

Nkomo’s sentiments were echoed by another political observer Briliant Mhlanga, a media lecturer in London.