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Harare Man Demands $300,000 for Crafting MDC Name

A Harare man, David Muzhuzha, has taken the MDC-T to the High Vourt demanding $300,000 as payment for the use of the name “Movement for Democratic Change” he claims he coined in 1999 when the party was formed.

Muzhuzha, represented by Joseph Mandizha of Mandizha and Company, claims that he crafted the name while he was in the information department of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions then led by trade unionists, Gibson Sibanda and Morgan Tsvangirai.

He claims that he was not duly rewarded for crafting the name.

Indications are that the name of the party was crafted by activist, Grace Kwinjeh, who was recently rewarded by the party for coming up with the name.

The court case is currently underway in Harare. MDC-T spokesman Douglas Mwonzora said the Muzhazha is unlikely to win the case.

Meanwhile, the MDC-T has dropped seven more parliamentary election petitions amid reports that the party has failed to get substantive evidence to overturn the results of the July poll.

The party had initially planned to appeal against the results of nearly the entire 120 parliamentary seats but withdrew some of the cases after failing to raise the required $10,000 deposit for each constituency.

The party then dropped most of the petitions leaving only 39 seats where it argued it had substantive evidence of election intimidation and rigging.

However, the party this week further withdrew seven of the cases leaving the courts to deal with only 31 cases.

Deputy MDC-T spokesman, Joel Gabhuza, said they withdrew the cases not because there was lack of evidence but due to the fact that they need time to compile a comprehensive dossier to present to court at a later date.