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MDC-T Says Zanu PF Used State Agents to 'Abduct' Dzamara

FILE: MDC-T youths clash with police in Harare over alleged abduction of one of Zimbabwe's public protest leaders. (Photo By Thomas Chiripasi)

The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has accused the ruling Zanu PF government of using its state security agents to abduct political activist Itai Dzamara resulting in a protest by MDC-T youths which led the police to cordon off the party’s Harvest House headquarters in Harare for two days.

The police beat up some MDC-T activists, including the party leader's spokesman Luke Tamborinuyoka, as officers search for police regalia they alleged had been siezed from officers by protesters.

In Bulawayo, the MDC alleged that Zanu PF youths disrupted its meetings resulting in some women being stripped naked. All this has seen political tensions rising in the country.

But senior Zanu-PF officials have dismissed the MDC’s allegation over Dzamara and the ensuing violence saying the party is trying to seek relevance.

MDC spokesman Obert Gutu, however, told VOA Studio 7 the situation is far from being normal.

Reacting, Zanu-PF chief whip in parliament, Joram Gumbo, accused the MDC of trying to seek attention and accused the opposition party of disrupting parliamentary proceedings.