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Expelled Former MDC-T Top Official Attacks Mwonzora Group Over Claims He Wants to Rejoin Opposition Party

Former MDC-T organizing secretary Abednico Bhebhe.

Abednico Bhebhe, who was expelled from the Movement for Democratic Change led by Thokozani Khupe before Douglas Mwonzora was elected president of the party in what MDC activists and observers say was a chaotic Extraordinary Congress, says efforts to readmit him into the opposition party are designed to belittle his integrity as he does not recognize Mwonzora’s leadership.

In a scathing statement, Bhebhe said he has not attempted to rejoin the party contrary to the Mwonzora formation’s claims that he wants to be readmitted together with Dorcas Sibanda of Bulawayo.

The Mwonzora MDC formation held a National Council meeting recently and claimed that Bhebhe was among the people who wanted to be re-admitted to the MDC.

Bhebhe, who was expelled from the MDC-T following claims that he was working with the MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa, said it was untrue that intends re-joining the party.

“The supposed resolution to re-admit me in MDC-T as an ordinary party member is not only a violation of the party’s constitution, unless of course if the said gathering amended that clause as well, but more concerning is the devious portrayal as as well as battering my character as if I am a desperate politician seeking someone’s benevolence. That is unacceptable and should not be left unchallenged.”

He claims that he defeated all candidates in the primary election in Bulawayo resulting in his expulsion from the party.

“That deprived me of my administrative and constitutional rights while it gave unfair advantage to Mr. Douglas Mwonzora to contest the highest party office having eliminated the participation of the main challenger whose victory was beyond doubt. My constitutional rights were put under siege by the very National Council and I immediately lost the opportunity to contest for presidency. What has changed now that I would renege on my pursuit of justice and submit to a rigged leadership.

“… I want to make it categorically clear that I don’t recognize the outcome of the 27th December 2020 EOC (Extraordinary Congress) and hence the so-called National Council has no legal mandate to readmit me to what I do not even recognize. As far as I am concerned the EOC elections were not conducted and hence the amendment of the constitution is illegal. My position is that the party must sit down and elect an interim leader pending a proper EOC, where every willing member is given a chance to vote or contest for the presidency.”

Bhebhe claims that a large number of MDC-T members, who were in the 2014 party structures that were supposed to participate in the Extraordinary Congress as laid down by the Supreme Court, were disenfranchised by the MDC-T leadership.

MDC-T information secretary Witness Dube was unreachable for comment.

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