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Zimbabwe PM Tsvangirai's MDC Demands Conclusion to Unity Negotiations

Tsvangirai MDC negotiator Elton Mangoma, who is also minister of economic planning, told VOA that negotiations among the three governing parties were to resume late Tuesday, but said his party wants to see the a conclusion to the discussions

Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's formation of the Movement for Democratic said Tuesday that there must be closure soon to talks on the issues troubling the power-sharing government, has urged that the Southern African Development Community intervene if there is a deadlock.

Tsvangirai MDC negotiators stated this position to South African facilitators who arrived in Harare on Monday representing President Jacob Zuma, the mediator in Zimbabwe on behalf of the regional grouping.

The facilitators met party negotiators on Monday and continued marathon discussions Tuesday in an effort to break the impasse.

Tsvangirai MDC negotiator Elton Mangoma, minister of economic planning, told VOA that negotiations among the three governing parties will resume this evening but said that his grouping wants to see the talks concluded.

Sources in the ZANU-PF party of President Robert Mugabe said however that they do not want to declare a deadlock, arguing that the MDC must have more time to work with Western governments to obtain the lifting of sanctions on President Mugabe and about 200 top ZANU-PF officials and supporters.

ZANU-PF hardliners also want broadcasts from outside the country, such as by VOA's Studio 7 program, which they call "pirate" radios, to be stopped.

Then there are the core governing issues which have eluded settlement, in particular who runs the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and the Office of the Attorney General, and appointments of provincial governors.

Political analyst Charles Mangongera told VOA reporter Blessing Zulu that Zimbabweans are becoming impatient with nonstop political bickering.