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2 Senior Mujuru Party Officials Fight Over Opposition Coalition Talks

FILE: Former Vice President Joice Mujuru addressing a press conference in Harare on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. (Photo: Mavis Gama)

A senior member of former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s National People’s Party claims that he was attacked by a fellow party supporter over divergent views on coalition talks.

Gift Nyandoro claims that he was beaten up by party spokesperson Jealously Mawarire, who knocked him down, pulled his private parts and attempted to strangle him, over what he said were unfounded allegations that Mujuru was still interested in coalition talks with other opposition parties.

According to the state-controlled Herald newspaper, Mawarire is said to have told Nyandoro that he should never talk on behalf of the party about NPP issues.

The party spokesman, who was allegedly irate when he confronted Nyandoro, is said to have been restrained by a female party cadre but all was in vain. Two other party members are said to have intervened and restrained Mawarire, who vowed to silence Nyandoro.

Mawarire was not immediately available for comment as he was not responding to calls on his mobile phone and WhatsApp.

Mrs. Mujuru’s party has been plagued by factionalism with NPP becoming of an offshoot of the Zimbabwe People First, which she formed after being sacked by President Robert Mugabe and expelled from Zanu PF for allegedly being corrupt and attempting to unconstitutionally unseat the president.

She has over the years denied any wrong-doing.

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