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Fired Zimbabwe Manline Freight Drivers Want to Return to Work

  • Gibbs Dube

Long distance transport drivers downed their tools at Manline Freight demanding a pay hike and improved working conditions.

Fifty-two Zimbabwean long distance drivers who were fired after protesting against poor working conditions and low pay say they want their jobs back.

According to one of the fired drivers of South African-based Manline Freight (Pvt) Limited, who did not want to be identified for fear of being victimized, they are set to meet company management soon to resolve the problem.

He said drivers, who seized vehicles in Zimbabwe complaining also that their pay had been reduced from R12,000 per trip to $7,500 a month, were fired for demanding better pay and improved working conditions.

“Some of us were new in the company and had nothing to do with the strike. We want our jobs back because we were unfairly dismissed,” said the fired driver.

The company’s communications manager, Kate Stubbs, said this matter is being settled through legal ways.