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Mandela Washington Fellowship: Gilmore Moyo Heading to USA

Gilmore Moyo
Gilmore Moyo

By Mike Hove

Sixty young Zimbabweans are heading to the United States of America for the Mandela Washington Fellowship.

They are expected to be studying various issues at several tertiary institutions.

Fashion curator, social entrepreneur and television host, Gilmore Moyo, is one of the fellows.

Moyo, who is humbled and excited to be part of group heading to America, says the opportunity to link up with youths from fellow African countries and those that he will be studying with in USA, is very exciting.

He says it does not only provide a leeway for him to fly the Zimbabwean flag high in a foreign country and sharing the Zimbabwean story, but it also opens the door to the possibility of future collaborations.

“Zimbabwe has an extremely special story to share with the world. As young people we are constantly ‘hustling’ to make things happen and I think this is a massive opportunity for us to show the world what we are really made off.”

Gilmore Moyo
Gilmore Moyo

Moyo further says he is also looking forward to learning how his fellow youths approach the several different issues they face in their respective countries.

According to Moyo, what made the selection committee pick him for the fellowship is that unlike a lot of youths who complain about the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe, he tries by all means to improve the living standards of those around him, by implementing programs that give the youth hope that their future is bright.

“I have constantly used my expertise in fashion to train fellow designers in Zimbabwe and I make sure I bring in renowned experts to co-facilitate the training.”

After completing the six-week program, Moyo expects to use his newly-attained knowledge to set up a platform that will promote training for those looking to go into the fashion industry.

For those looking to get to know the fellows better, follow us as we are going to be providing daily profiles of the fellows.