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Children in New Zealand Seeking Books for Poor Rural Libraries

  • Gibbs Dube

Two New Zealand 12 year-old twin sisters, Shefali and Shivani Sinha, have been nominated for the Shine-A-Light award by Genesis Energy - New Zealand's biggest energy provider - for supporting rural school library development in Zimbabwe.

Voting is under way to choose the winners. There is a likelihood Genesis Energy will support the work they are doing if they win. Voting is currently underway at to choose the winners, who will be supported by the company for conducting charity work.

The mother of the twins, Anindita Dey, said she is happy about her children’s interest in helping poor rural kids in Zimbabwe.

“They attend good schools here but were touched that there are some children who do not have access to books and that is why they decided to help in this projects. All the projects which they are doing on behalf of the rural library trust, including selling snowman, are going on very well.

“We are very proud of these children and we hope Zimbabweans will vote for them in the Genesis Energy competition so that they can raise more money for rural libraries. Everyone is excited about this project.”