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Top Diplomat Says U.S. Monitoring Friction in Zanu PF

FILE: Former US Assistant Secretary of African Affairs Johnnie Carson (file photo)

Former United States ambassador to Zimbabwe, Johnnie Carson, says the U.S is closely following the developments within Zanu-PF.

The former top U.S. diplomat for Africa, who served as the U.S.’s representative to Zimbabwe in the mid-1990, pins the country’s deteriorating economic, political and social progress on President Robert Mugabe’s long leadership, which he says has become more autocratic and authoritarian over the years.

He said, “I think we have to continue to watch the situation in Zimbabwe very closely. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that over the last 20 years Robert Mugabe, his leadership, has resulted in the decline of the state, of its governance, of its respectful human rights, protection of civil liberties and a sharp decline of the economy.”

Carson added that there is indeed right now an enormous amount of political infighting within Zanu-PF for leadership of that country.

He said he hopes the infighting in the party, will result in a better livelihood for all Zimbabweans.

“One can only hope that when there is a transition that it is a genuine transition that allows Zimbabweans to be able to vote freely, fairly and transparently for the leadership they think will best guide the country’s political and economic future.

Factionalism has gripped the party with two factions allegedly led by Vice President Joice Mujuru and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa wrestling for the control of the party.

The Mnangagwa faction is allegedly having the upper hand as the Mujuru group has been sidelined at the on-going crucial Zanu PF congress.

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