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Prof. Moyo Opens Twitter Account, Creats Social Media Frenzy

Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Information Minister Jonathan Moyo.

Information Minister Jonathan Moyo is now officially on Twitter and declared soon after launching his account that “I intend to use these accounts like nobody's business”.

Without wasting time, Moyo immediately went on the offensive, saying in one of his tweets, “those who don't use social media in one way or another and those who want to ban their use are doomed.”

This appeared to be a broadside at the founding president of the Movement for Democratic Change, Morgan Tsvangirai, who reportedly asked his top party officials to get clearance from his office before sending out messages on WhatsApp.

Party officials have dismissed these reports as misleading.

Moyo further tweeted that “abuse of social media e.g in fake revolutions such as so-called Arab Spring give society enough reasons to question virtues of social media.”

But like everyone else, tweeted Moyo once again, “I think social media are really cool as digital platforms and I acknowledge their amazing power.”

His tweets attracted some attention from followers, who questioned why it took him too long to join Twitter and other social media.

One of his followers, Piers Mitchell, immediately took on the minister asking him about President Robert Mugabe’s fall.

“Did you pick up Mugabe and dust down the old tyrants knees when he fell over?” asked Mitchell.

President Mugabe recently fell at the Harare Airport soon after addressing followers and the minister said the president managed to break the fall.

Not to be left out of the Twitter discussions on Moyo’s account, Yahya AAJJ Jammeh had some kind words for the minister. “Welcome to social media my friend. We don't have any control here, but threats still work.”

At the same time, MaDube appeared unhappy about the minister’s presence on Twitter saying “he wants to mislead facts.”

Not to be outdone, Rassluckaz laid down the Twitter rules for the minister, who invited people to follow him on social media using the slogan “Let us get started”.

@ProfJNMoyo twitter rules : no spying here prof , no follow up & arrests made over twitter ,no threats or violence....its juss twitter Jonso.”

The minister did not respond to some of these tweets.

Prof. Moyo also opened a Facebook account, which Tuesday night had over 3,000 followers.

His last Facebook post read in part, "Many thanks everyone. Your welcome messages are awesome. I look forward to debating ideas and sharing solutions with you.

"I was in cabinet all day and went into long post-cabinet meetings the last of which just ended. I have just gone through all your messages both on Twitter and Facebook as I begin to find my feet and to learn the ropes. I'm counting on your patience. Otherwise I'm ready to learn."