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Zimbabwe's Labor Minister Says No Stone Will be Left Unturned in Chinese Firms Probe

Zimbabwe's Labor Minister Paurina Gwanyanya-Mpariwa says the government is taking allegations of worker abuse by Chinese firms seriously, charging culprits will be prosecuted under the country's labor laws.

The minister said Wednesday her office will deal decisively with growing complaints once investigations by a team set-up last year were completed.

The government put together a team to probe the abuse allegations last year but it seems not much progress has been made since then.

The committee comprises officials from the labor ministry, the National Social Security Authority (NSSA) and the construction sector. It has been visiting Chinese construction and mining companies and is yet to submit a report.

Workers have been complaining of physical abuse, being forced to work long hours without being paid overtime, among other issues.

Mpariwa-Gwanyanya told VOA the government is taking the allegations seriously and will leave no stone unturned, adding culprits will be punished according the the country's labor laws.

Commenting, University of Zimbabwe lecturer John Makumbe said he does not think the government will punish the Chinese firms found abusing workers.