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'Zimbabwe Independence Not Benefiting Citizens'

Some people in Manicaland province say they have not been able to enjoy the fruits of independence owing to serious social, economic and political problems in Zimbabwe.

One of the disgruntled local people is Craig Chimedza of the newly formed Zimbabwe People First led by former Vice President Joice Mujuru. Chimedza of Watsomba communal lands, about 30 kilometers north of Mutare, says most Zimbabweans feel let down by the ruling Zanu PF party.

“We are still yet to reach the Biblical Canaan. Zanu PF has up to now given us an illusion of what independence is. We are still a long way to attaining full independence as desired by all and the departed heroes of the liberation struggle.”

Chimedza adds that as far as he is concerned there is need to end political polarization in the county in order for people to enjoy the fruits of independence.

“Resources have to be equitably distributed and have a country that is colour blind and resources distributed along creed, color and political lines and have development all across the country.”

James Sinyoro of Odzi communal land echoes the same sentiments, noting that it is strange that the ruling elite are clinging to power when they are unable to cater for the needs of Zimbabweans.

“Zimbabweans celebrated independence only in 1980 and thereafter for a few years later but now there is nothing to go home about and there is nothing to show about this. The majority of Zimbabweans have not derived anything from the independence and people are in disharmony as economically we are in a messy.”

Sinyoro and Chimedza are not the only disgruntled locals as people like Itai Tangwena of Nyanga’s Kairezi village, believes that there is nothing to celebrate on April 18th due to the current harsh economic situation in Zimbabwe.

“As far as I am concerned, 18 April is just any day just like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so we are not very upbeat about it since we have nothing much to show about the day that is supposed to be very special to us all Zimbabweans”

But Zanu PF activist, Silas Saruchera, says Zimbabweans are free and have benefited a lot from the country’s independence.

It still remains to be seen whether the situation will improve in the country in the near future so that Zimbabweans may enjoy the fruits of independence British rule.

Loirdham Moyo Reports on Zimbabweans Take on 36th Independence Anniversary
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