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15 Zimbabwe Women, Girls Trafficked to Kuwait Going Back Home

Zimbabwe police detain women protesting against woman trafficking.

Fifteen women and girls, who were trafficked to Kuwait in the Middle East by employment agencies, are expected back home Thursday.

Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Social Welfare bought air tickets for the women and girls that are expected to be welcomed by state officials and doctors at Harare Airport before being reunited with their families.

Kindness Paradza, chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee of Foreign Affairs and Zanu PF legislator, said the abused Zimbabweans, who were promised lucrative jobs only to be turned into slaves and sex objects, are set to arrive in the evening.

"We are happy that the government through the social welfare ministry was able to buy air tickets for 15 women and girls and we expect more will be assisted as more are contacting the Kuwait Embassy wanting to return home daily. What is frightening is that it’s not only Kuwait but other Arab states where these women and girls are coming from," said Paradza.

More than 90 women and girls have now been repatriated after getting assistance from relatives, individuals and non-governmental organizations. At least 200 women were allegedly trafficked to the Middle East.

Paradza said the government is continually seeking ways to discourage women and girls from travelling to Arab states for employment opportunities without verifying job offers.

He added that those that believe their relative may be trafficked should contact the ministries of Foreign Affairs and Social Welfare for help in locating their loved ones.

"We hope this practice will stop soon and we will be tabling a bill in parliament regarding human trafficking,” said Paradza.

We will give you more details tomorrow …