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Zimbabweans In The Diaspora Urged To Take Advantage Of Prevailing Situation, Get Homelink Mortgages

Mrs Stellamaris Chorwira, Homelink Chief Executive Officer
Mrs Stellamaris Chorwira, Homelink Chief Executive Officer

Zimbabweans in the diaspora have been urged to take advantage of the current prevailing situation in the country to secure residential properties and stands as it is now a buyers market.

The Chief Executive Officer of Homelink Mrs Stellamaris Chorwira who was at the recently ended Women Of Dominion International conference held in Delaware in the united states where a grouping of interdenominal women of faith held a four day exposition. This was the fifth of the annual conferences and had exhibitors displaying Zimbabwean good and service including Homelink.

Chorwira says Homelink also offers money transfer services through Western Union under Easy Link which numerous branches throughout the country. Other services include the provision of mortgage financing to those in the diaspora to purchase stands or residential properties, they also help those in the diaspora to select investments that are suitable to their needs as well as short term for those in the diaspora.

“We have received overwhelming support for our products and services from people in the diaspora who were tired to dealing with dishonest people back home with some suffering huge investments losses after trusting some individuals who later disappointed them,”said Mrs Chorwira.

Despite the current cash crisis facing the country Mrs Chorwira urged those interested in real estate projects in the country to make hay while the sun shines.

Mrs Stellamaris Chorwira - Homelink
Mrs Stellamaris Chorwira - Homelink

"This is the ideal time to get into real estate, it is a buyer’s market and people in the diaspora can secure mortgage financing with us to buy a house or a stand so that they will have somewhere to return to when they decide to go back home. They can also use the real estate as a form of investment to hedge their finances,”she added.

A Zimbabwean lady who was at the Women Of Dominion International conference Edith Mawoneke says she was impressed with the presentation by Homelink and will be contacting them soon to represent her at home.

Those who would like to utilize the Homelink products and services can find them on the internet

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