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Zimbabwe Orders Victoria Falls to Open Restaurants for Sit-in Customers Amid Claims of Herd Immunity Status

President Emmerson Mnangagwa says all restaurants in the country’s resort town of Victoria Falls are now allowed to have sit-in customers.

In a tweet, Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said indications are that Victoria Falls has achieved herd immunity.

“Cabinet approved a request by the tourism industry to open the Victoria Falls and Kazungula Border Posts to tourists who are fully vaccinated. This is in view of the realisation that over 60% of the population in Vic Falls has been vaccinated.”

Information Secretary Nick Mangwana also posted another tweet on his personal Twitter account, noting that despite the relaxation of COVID-19 regulations relating to restuarants, people should follow laid down measures put by the World Health Organization.

Mangwana said, “President Emmerson Mnangagwa has directed that restaurants in Victoria Falls allow sit-in customers. Standing curfew regulations and WHO protocols remain in place. The move is being taken in cognisant of the fact that Victoria Falls has since achieved herd immunity.”

But some people following the tweets, attacked Mnangagwa, Mutsvangwa and Mangwana saying they don’t know what they are doing.

One of the critics, Tendai, said, “The concept of ‘herd immunity’ originated from livestock. If your herd is immunized but you still mix it with your neighbour’s unvaccinated cattle then the concept of herd immunity is defeated. Unless you have closed Vic Falls for visitors then you are misleading people.”

Ngoma Kurira also attacked Mnangagwa’s government saying, “no country or place anywhere in the world can boast to have achieved herd immunity except Vic Falls.”

Nduku Nduna also chipped in claiming that the government is ill-advised on re-opening restaurants in Victoria Falls.

“This is a rushed decision given that the country’s overall fully vaccinated population is less than 6%.”

Bukhosi added that the country is “just looking for foreign currency to support the auction system that is two months behind schedule. I see you.”

Jina was too irritated about the move saying “you know kuti zve herd immunity zvauri kunyora is just lies. You are a nurse and you know it's all lies. Even those who created the vaccines have not attained herd immunity anywhere in their countries…”

But some people like Botsilo Marupi cried foul over the COVID-19 lockdown in Zimbabwe.

Marupi said, “Stop these lockdown restrictions now.”

Tario Munengoni also supported the government’s move to allow sit-in customers in restaurants in Victoria Falls.

“This is good it's so simple people should just get vaccinated, the vaccines are there and I guess once we achieve herd immunity our day to day business will be almost back to normal.”

Zimbabwe registered 81 deaths on Thursday and 2,089 positive COVID-19 cases.

The country has recorded 105,656 cases and 73,394 recoveries, according to the Ministry of Health.

The ministry also reports that 3,421 local people have succumbed to the disease since March last year and 1,593,656 have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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