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Apostolic Faith Sect Conducts Healing Sessions for Zimbabweans With Mental Challenges

FILE - Patients undergoing a rehabilitation program draw during a modernized therapy session. (Reuters)

The small Mashonaland West town of Norton is in the limelight following revelations that miracles are allegedly happening in the town.

At the centre of focus is news that a number of mentally challenged people have been healed by members of the Johane Masowe weChishanu Apostolic Faith church while 31 others are going through the healing process.

What is convincing the members of the public is the fact that the mentally disabled people were rounded up from the streets in areas where they are known that they had been sick for over a long period.

Studio 7 visited the healing place where 31 people picked from the streets in Harare, Kadoma, Chitungiwza, and Masvingo, are going through the healing process.

One of the mentally challenged people Patrick Maphosa, who is on the verge of recovery even took his time to ask visitors to send his greetings to one of his relatives. “Send my greetings to Jacob Mawere
and Mlungisi,” he said.

Madzibaba Silog Sogeriki, is spearheading the healing sessions.

He said, “We were sent by the Holy Spirit to help those who eat from the bins or drink dirty water. We gather all of them for prayer and those who would have been healed we sent them back to their relatives.”

Madzibaba Sogeriki said they do not charge for their services and do not encourage those who offer money after their relatives have been healed. “Our services are for free. Those who bring their relatives here are not required to pay anything.”

One of those who has been healed and has returned home is Sitefani Songo from Kadoma. Studio 7 also tracked Sitefani at his parents’ home in Rimuka where the father said the behavior of his son has completely changed.

“Since I took him from Norton there has been great change. He is now understanding many things, can be sent on an errand and no longer roams the streets as he used to do,” said Songo.

He said so far, they have assembled people from Harare, Kadoma, Chitungwiza, and Masvingo for assistance and are hoping to spread their wings to as far as Matabeleland and the Manicaland provinces.