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Zanu PF Supporters Tell First Lady Grace Mugabe to 'Shut Up'

FILE: First Lady Grace Mugabe attending a recent Politburo meeting.

Some Zanu PF supporters said to be aligned to a faction allegedly led by Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa staged protests Wednesday in Harare.

According to sources, the demonstrators, who converged at the party’s provincial headquarters, urged President Mugabe’s wife, Grace, to stop abusing Mnangagwa. The vice president was recently attacked by Mrs. Mugabe for allegedly attempting to topple the 91 year-old president.

Mrs. Mugabe allegedly leads a group calling itself the Generation 40, which is also eyeing the presidential post. G40 is expected to stage protests at the Zanu PF headquarters on Thursday.

Zanu PF lawmaker, Joseph Tshuma, who is also a Central Committee member of the ruling party said rival factions in Zanu PF should stop fighting over President Mugabe’s succession.

Tshuma said only god will determine President Mugabe’s fate.

He told Studio 7 these factions should, in fact, focus on reviving the ailing economy and devastating drought gripping Zimbabwe.