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Itai Dzamara's Disappearance Worrying Canadians

FILE: Abducted political activist Itai Dzamara at Africa Unity Square.

The Canadian government says it is worried about the alleged abduction of Occupy Africa Unity Square leader, Itai Dzamara, who disappeared in Zimbabwe about three weeks.

“Canada remains deeply concerned by the forced disappearance of Zimbabwean human rights activist Itai Dzamara on 9 March 2015, and the fact that no light has been shed on his fate or whereabouts to date. We call upon the Government of Zimbabwe to live up to its commitment and increase its efforts to investigate the disappearance and bring those responsible to justice.

The Canadian Embassy in Harare said, its country stands in solidarity with Dzamara’s family, “as they suffer the interminable wait to hear the fate of their loved one.

“We also stand in solidarity with the people of Zimbabwe who look to a future where democratic principles and the respect for human rights take centre stage in their country. This future can only be truly realized when people are free to express themselves, to demonstrate and petition if necessary in a bid to hold their government to account, and to do so without fear of retribution.”

The government says it is also worried about the abduction of the public protest leader, saying the state does not know the assailants.

Civic society leaders and members of the public suspect that Dzamara was allegedly abducted by state security agents.