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Public Opinion in Zimbabwe Split Over Gvt Imports Ban

The ban covers cement, milk and potatoes, among other products.

A measure banning the importation of a number of goods, including agricultural produce, that took effect Monday has split public opinion with some warning it will trigger shortages and price hikes.

The ban covers cement, milk and potatoes, among other products. The government argues the ban aims to protect local manufacturers.

While some are happy with the move, critics warn it might spark price increases and shortages.

Plumtree villager Difa Dube said Zimbabweans will no longer be able to access some of these essential products. “I personally support businesses in our country but I think this time the government has taken very harsh steps to effect the ban as citizens won’t access cement from neighbouring countries.”

“They should have looked into this thing in depth because I think there are so many things which involved the quality of cement that is needed and the quality of cement that is not needed,” said Dube.

For perspective we reached economic analyst Masimba Kuchera of the Center for Disability and Development, who said he supports the ban, especially the blocking of agricultural imports.

The government announced last week a raft of economic measures to prop up the ailing economy, which included the import ban, an airtime levy and a hike in the pump price of fuel.