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WFP: Food Crisis in Zimbabwe Cities Much Better Than Devastated Rural Areas

  • Blessing  Zulu

FILE: Faustine Janjira prepares food at her home in Highfields, a high density surburb in Harare, Tuesday, Oct, 17, 2006. Janjira who lives with her sisters who have 10 children in a 2 roomed house, struggles to feed the big family as only one member of the family works. Zimbabwe which marks International Poverty Reduction Day, faces a gloomy future in fighting poverty as it battles with the world's highest inflation currently running at over 1000 percent.(AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)

Zimbabwe’s food crisis, which according to the World Food Program (WFP) will affect over 1,5 million people this year, is said to be underreported with indications that millions of starving people in cities are being left free food handouts.

WFP communications officer for southern Africa, David Orr, said the situation in urban areas, though also dicey, is far much better than in rural areas where drought has devastated most families.

Orr said the situation is the same in Malawi which is also appealing for food aid like Zimbabwe.

Villager Maqhawe Moyo of Silobela in the Midlands province said the situation is getting out of hand in the region.

WFP is seeking $56 million for feeding almost one million Zimbabweans.