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Exiled Zimbabweans Hoping to Get Back Home One Day

Former Matabeleland South Provincial Administrator, Angelous Dube. (Photo: Dube's Facebook Page)

Some Zimbabweans living in exile in various countries are optimistic that one day they will go back home when the socio-economic and political situation improves.

The Zimbabweans, who left the country for different reasons including insecurity and political fears, say indications are that it may take long for them to go back home.

One of the exiled Zimbabweans is former Matabeleland South provincial administrator, Angelous Dube, told VOA Studio 7 a lot went wrong soon after independence in 1980.

“I think for me the greatest tragedy that befell us was Gukurahundi. I feel that things would have been talked through. People could have worked together. There was no need to act at that level really especially considering the civilian population that perished,” said Dube.

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She is among thousands of people who left the country when the ruling Zanu PF party started militarizing the civil service soon after the formation of the Movement for Democratic Change in 1999.

The government forced most “apolitical’ administrators in key positions to leave in order to enforce its grip on power in rural and urban areas, fearing that it would lose to the MDC in crucial general elections.

Millions of Zimbabweans are living in exile due to mostly economic and political challenges back home.