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Police Evict Zanu-PF Linked Illegal Harare Settlers

Map of Zimbabwe
Police have evicted thousands of people believed to be Zanu-PF supporters who were illegally occupying pieces of land in Harare.

Police moved into some Harare suburbs between Thursday and Saturday to evict the land occupiers.

Some of occupiers paid so-called "settlement officers", who were allegedly linked to Zanu-PF, between $10 and $20 for the pieces of land.

Hundreds of occupants fled while others are now living in the open near their demolished houses which they started setting up before the July 31 general election.

Secretary for local government Killian Mupinga said these people grabbed land in Glen View, Glen Norah, Kuwadzana, Chitungwiza and other areas under the name of Zanu PF.

Mupinga said members of the public should stop grabbing land in urban and rural areas.

He said those wishing to get stands should join legal housing co-operatives of buy directly from local authorities.

The government has also warned that it will descend heavily on illegal land occupants in other parts of the country, including rural areas where some people are grabbing land saying the move is part of the black economic empowerment programme.

Zimbabwe embarked on an indigenization programme in 2011 which compels foreign-owned companies to tranfer equity stakes of up to 51 percent to locals.