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Studio 7 Special Announcement

Voice of America Studio 7

Effective Monday, August 29th, Studio 7 will stop its English program. However, English news on Zimbabwe will continue to be broadcast on VOA’s English To Africa Programs – Africa News Tonight, Monday through Friday, and Daybreak Africa, Saturday and Sunday.

Studio 7 will continue programming in English on Livetalk, which has been expanded to one full hour. You will also be still able to get Zimbabwe news on our website.

We will continue broadcasting in Shona and Ndebele, Monday to Friday, and on Saturday and Sunday where we’ve expanded Shona and Ndebele programs to 30-minutes.

Broadcast Schedules: Shona and Ndebele

Monday – Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Time: 1700UTC – 1800UTC

Frequencies: 15460, 6065, 4930 Shortwave Frequencies; 909-Medium Wave.

VOA English to Africa Program:

Africa News Tonight - Monday – Friday

Times: 1800UTC – 1830 UTC

Frequencies: 6080 15580 17530 - SW Frequencies

Daybreak Africa: Saturday & Sunday

Time: 1800UTC - 1830 UTC

Frequency: 909 4930 – Medium Wave.