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Mnangagwa Extends Lockdown Amid Surging COVID-19 Cases

A nurse speaks to people waiting to be vaccinated with a COVID-19 vaccine at a public hospital in Harare, Zimbabwe, Dec. 1, 2021.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa says the government has extended Zimbabwe’s Level 2 National Lockdown by another two weeks.

In a statement posted on the Ministry of Information’s Twitter account, Mnangagwa said an appropriate review of the lockdown, based on a scientific appreciation of the situation, will be announced thereafter.

He said, “With the exception of Examination Classes which resume classes as announced by the Ministry (Education), the general school calendar is hereby delayed until further notice. Examination Classes exempt from this delay are however expected to strictly comply with preventive measures.

“While business reopens and resumes as normal, employers are expected to put in place all the essential preventive public health measures, including encouraging part of their workforce to operate from home, and through virtual platforms as practicable.”

He said face masks must be worn by all citizens in public places, gatherings and when using public transport.

Mnangagwa further said, “Those of our citizens who are yet to get vaccinated, should, without delay, proceed to get vaccinated at designated vaccination centres. Provincial task-force teams should be on hand to motivate and intensify the vaccination process.”

According to the Ministry of Health, Zimbabwe has recorded 30 deaths in the last three days.