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Zimbabwe Constitutional Court Declares Mnangagwa Duly-Elected President

Chief Justice Luke Malaba
Chief Justice Luke Malaba

The Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe has declared incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa duly elected president following lack of evidence of electoral fraud in the just-held presidential election.

Chief Justice Luke Malaba delivered the ruling of the full bench of the Constitutional Court Thursday following a hearing of the case Wednesday in which Nelson Chamisa was seeking the nullification of the election, claiming massive electoral fraud.

Malaba said the nine-member bench reached this unanimous decision due to lack of primary evidence derived from ballot boxes.

Malaba said the applicant made generalized claims about the results of the election.

He said the change in figures of the final results had no effect on the outcome of the presidential election.

Without access to the sealed residue, he said, this just remained simply an allegation.

Justice Malaba noted that the same applied to claims that 40,000 teachers were not given a chance to vote and as such “there was no sufficient and credible evidence.”

More details to follow …