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Zimbabwe Embassy Opens Doors to Suffering Citizens Living in South Africa

FILE: An immigration official addresses Zimbabweans outside an immigration office in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa, December 15, 2010, as they attempt to become legal.

Zimbabwe’s Consular General, Batiraishe Henry Mukonoweshuro, has urged Zimbabweans in South Africa to approach his office for any help they may need while in diaspora.

Mukonoweshuro told VOA Studio 7 his door is open to all Zimbabweans visiting or living in South Africa.

“The Zimbabwe Consulate is responsible for documentation, we are responsible for renewal of passports, authentication of their documents, new birth certificates … We also assist those who want to have marriages here for obtaining what they call non-marriage certificates, conversion of licences. We are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.”

Mukonoweshuro said he is currently visiting different parts of South Africa informing Zimbabweans about services offered by his offices in Johannesburg as well as rendering services whenever possible.

“We have always insisted on our Zimbabweans having valid passports and valid permits and ensuring that wherever they work they should ensure that through their employers they should try to have their permits and papers in order. It’s a case of people being economic refugees than anything else and it’s a pity that they are here in their numbers.”

He noted that they are currently compiling a document that will contain information about their activities.

An estimated two million Zimbabweans live in South Africa as political and economic refugees due to serious challenges back home.