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Econet, Mbada Diamonds Help Govt in Taking Down Poachers

A herd of African elephants is pictured on Nov. 17, 2012, in Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.
The corporate world is taking notice of the ecological disaster unfolding at Hwange National Park following the poisoning of elephants by a sophisticated poaching syndicate - and now some companies are stepping in with resources to help authorities take down the poachers.

Companies, including communications giant, Econet Wireless and Mdada Diamonds, among others announced Monday that they have formed a conservation trust that will work with the national parks and wildlife authority to stamp out the illegal hunting of animals.

On its part, Econet Wireless says it has donated high-tech communication equipment and vehicles that will be used by parks rangers. The effort by the companies comes as the Minister of Defence hinted Sunday that the government may be forced to deploy the military in Hwange to help fight poaching.

Econet Wireless communications manager Ranga Mberi said his company is stepping in because it is deeply concerned about the environmental damage caused by illegal hunters, especially in Hwange.

Hwange West Member of Parliament Gift Mabhena said government should clean up the poisoned salt pans and water holes to prevent more animal deaths at Hwange National Park.