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ZEC: Turned Away Voters Lacked Proper Identity Documents

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) says thousands of people who were turned away at polling stations in the just-ended general election had no proper identity documents or were not registered voters.

Responding to reports that at least 304,980 voters failed to cast their votes in unclear circumstances, ZEC said in a statement that the majority of those who were turned away did not produce the required documents such as valid passports or national identity cards.

ZEC said some voters produced expired passports and torn or illegible documents like photocopied national identity cards.

The electoral body further said others were turned away for reporting at wrong polling stations and for not appearing on the voters roll.

ZEC noted that more than 207,000 voters were assisted to vote as there was a high turnout of senior citizens in the general election. It said most of these people declared that they were illiterate.

Nhlanhla Dube, spokesman for the Movement for Democratic Change formation of Professor Welshman Ncube said some of these issues being highlighted by the electoral body are misleading.

Blessing Vava of the National Constitutional Assembly said though more than 500,000 people failed to vote for various reasons, the two MDC formations were caught napping before and during the polls.