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Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Says It's Ready to Conduct Elections Next Year

But Zimbabwe Election Support Network Chairman Tinoziva Bere said the electoral environment must improve before the country will be ready for elections

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Acting Chairperson Joyce Kazembe said Wednesday that her commission is ready to conduct elections as long as it has official notification from President Robert Mugabe.

Commission Chairman Simpson Mutambanengwe told a workshop in August that his commission was not ready for elections as it had its hands full cleaning up the voters roll and also lacked financial resources.

But Mutambanengwe added at that time that the timing of elections was a political matter.

Zimbabwe Election Support Network Chairman Tinoziva Bere told reporter Jonga Kandemiiri that the electoral environment must be overhauled through broad reforms before a date can be set for elections.

Political analyst Qhubani Moyo said that in declaring itself ready to conduct elections at any time, the commission could end up encouraging parties to campaign openly, which he said is not prudent in the current tense climate.