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Situation Tense as Zimbabwe Inches Closer to One Party State

  • Blessing  Zulu

Voters waiting to vote outside a polling station in Harare
The situation in Zimbabwe remains tense and uncertain with political and economic analysts warning the country’s modest economic gains will be eroded if Zanu PF pursues its populist policies now that it has won a two thirds parliamentary majority in Wednesday’s elections.

Justice Minister Patrick Chinamasa told journalists in Harare that the party’s expected landslide victory is an endorsement of Zanu PF’s populist empowerment policies.

But Director of the Labour and Economic Development Research Institute, Godfrey Kanyenze, said implementation of Zanu PF’s extreme economic policies will be a disaster for the country.

The same sentiments were echoed by economist John Robertson who expressed doubt that Zanu PF will implement controversial policies.

Robertson said he does not see President Mugabe’s party bringing back the Zimbabwe dollar any time soon.

Economist and former Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce president Luxon Zembe hopes that Zimbabweans will put political differences behind them and try to resuscitate the economy.

And political analyst and Director of the Zimbabwe Democracy Institute, Pedzisayi Ruhanya, said a two thirds majority win for Zanu PF is a return to one party state.

But political analyst Livingstone Dzikira says a Zanu PF two thirds majority will not hurt Zimbabwe.