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Mutare Residents Urge Zanu-PF to Fulfill Election Promises

The people of Mutare in Manicaland province say they want the Zanu-PF government to fulfill its 2013 election promises.

Some residents say that tough decisions that will stimulate the economy leading to employment creation should be taken as soon as possible.

They argue that with a festive season that was marred for some by cash shortages now over, 2014 should usher in better prospects. The residents want assurances from the government that it will address the economic ills affecting the country and not bring the Zimbabwe dollar.

Elijah Musabayana, who works for a local construction company, hopes the government will come up with investor-friendly policies that will attract investment and lead to employment creation and also help ease the cash crisis in the country.

Movement for Democratic Change chief whip and Mutare Central Member of Parliament, Innocent Gonese, says he sees a gloomy 2014 given the so-called “false start of the Zanu PF government.”

Mutare businessman and Zanu-PF central committee member, Isau Mupfumi, believes his party will fulfill its 2013 electoral pledges.

He adds that the country is set for good times with a lot of hard work expected to be put in by the ruling party next year. As for his family, he wishes them the best in their academic exploits as the majority of them face examinations in 2014.

“I would say as a politician we should support the Zimbabwe Agenda for Social and Economic Transformation which was crafted by the ruling party.”

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries national president, Hlanganiso Matangaidze, says 2014 should see more Zimbabweans benefiting from their country’s natural resources.