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Android App For Zimbabwe Draft Constitution

Some Zimbabwean companies and civic groups are going super high-tech, ramping up efforts to educate the public about the draft constitution ahead of the March 16 referendum.

A modern technologies company Binu, originally from Australia, launched an App for the new charter this week targeting feature phone users with internet connection.

On Thursday, the legislative watchdog, Veritas also announced its own launch of the draft on the Android Operating System. Users can download it from the Google Play Store.

The watchdog announced that Apps for newer versions of Blackberry and Nokia will be made available shortly.

"Veritas has made available an App for Android smart phones and tablets so you can download the draft constitution that is being put to the referendum," the group said in a statement.

"The App will carry a link to a forum on which you can compare and discuss your views on the constitution with other users."

A preliminary dry run by Studio 7 showed the application works pretty well.

Binu Zimbabwe director, William Chui said the uptake for his company's constitution draft App by feature phone users had been very impressive.

"What we noticed was that the draft constitution was having a challenge in reaching the populace," said Chui.

"I saw an article in the Sunday Mail saying that close to half a million dollars was needed to print more copies, and based on that, we realized that this is a document which can be available in soft copy."
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Modern technologies expert, Limbikani Makani, told Studio 7 efforts to spread information on the new charter via modern technologies was commendable.
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