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Thokozani Khupe's MDC-T Faction Takes Mwonzora Group to Court Over Disbursement of ZWL$150 Million in State Funding

Thokozani Khupe of the MDC-T. (Courtesy Photo: Khupe WhatsApp)

Thokozani Khupe, who claims to be the new leader of the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC-T) has filed an urgent High Court application, seeking to compel the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Justice to disburse almost ZWL$150 million to her faction following a fallout with party president, Douglas Mwonzora.

In her founding affidavit filed at the High Court, Khupe argues that she is the legitimate leader of the MDC-T after Mwonzora allegedly expelled himself from the party when he informed the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) that he is in charge of the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance.

She argues that her party participated in the 2018 general election and garnered 29.97% of the total votes cast and is entitled to ZWL$149 850 000.00 under the Political Parties (Finance) Act.

Khupe is seeking an order to stop the ministries of justice and finance from disbursing the money to the MDC-T faction led by Mwonzora.

She said the MDC-T, which participated in the general elections in 2018, “is in terms of section 3 (2) of the Political Parties (Finances) Act (Chapter 2:11), 2nd Applicant (MDC-T) is entitled to ZWL $149,850,000.00. That the 1st Respondent (Mwonzora) automatically expelled himself from the membership of the 2nd Applicant (MDC-T) when he declared himself the president of a political outfit under the name and style of Movement of Democratic Change Alliance in a letter to Zimbabwe Electoral Commission dated 03rd January 2022.

“I am a member and Acting President of the 2nd Applicant (MDC-T), being one of the founders of the 2nd Applicant (MDC-T) with the late Gibson Sibanda, Doctor Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, Mr. Lovemore Matongo, Professor Welshman Ncube and Mr. Tendai Biti to name a few back in 1999.”

Khupe further claimed that she has stood against all odds to defend the MDC-T’s constitution.

But the MDC-T led by Mwonzora expelled Khupe on Friday at a National Council meeting.

Witness Dube, publicity and information secretary, said, "Khupe does not know what she is talking about. In fact, we have expelled her for violating the constitution many times and for making a ridiculous announcement that she has expelled Mwonzora.

"She has done so much damage to our party to the extent that she would report us to the police, the courts and everywhere she thought was convenient for her. We could not take it any longer. And as for this court case, it's just a big joke."

She said Mwonzora expelled himself from the party when he declared that he was the leader of the MDC Alliance.

“l and 1st Respondent (Mwonzora) expelled members of the 2nd Applicant (MDC-T) who violated its constitution. Article 5.10 (a) of 2nd Applicant’s constitution clearly states that ‘membership of the Party shall be terminated if, a member of the Party joins or supports a political party other than MDC (termination of membership in these circumstances shall be automatic)”

She claimed that Mwonzora expelled himself from the party when he claimed that he was the leader of the MDC Alliance in the same manner he recalled parliamentarians, who aligned themselves with the same party then led by Nelso Chamisa.

More details to follow …