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Disabled Community Wants More Parly Representation

Disability issues
Zimbabwean living with disabilities, though upbeat about the recent election of two senators to represent them in the legislature, want the government to do more to ensure their issues are dealt with at all levels of government as most local authorities fail to keep up with their needs.

Those living with disabilities want more representation in the national assembly and other lower levels of governance in the country.

Some people living with disabilities told VOA the election of Annah Shiri and Nyamayavo Mashavakure is progressive but they want more self-representation at the lower levels of governance saying this would positively impact their lives.

National Association of Societies of the Care of the Handicapped (NASCOH) executive director Farai Mukuta says though they want more people to represent them in parliament, they are hopeful Shiri and Mashavakure will do their best to ensure the government delivers for the disabled community.

Masimba Kuchera director for the Center for Disability and Development concurs with Mukuta but blames the under representation on the country's constitution.

Kuchera, however, says he will work with the two lawmakers to push the disability agenda in Zimbabwe.

Despite the concern, Nqobani Dube of the Bulawayo-based Disablement Association of Zimbabwe says he's confident the two senators will push issues that affect the disabled community in Zimbabwe.

Senator-elect Mashavakure said he is equal to the task.

"We have issues that we have for a long time been calling on the government to address," he says. "I'm up to the task. I'm not going into parliament to sleep but to make sure that we encourage everyone in the House to push change the lives of hundreds of thousands in our communities who are disabled."