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Zimbabweans Helping Foreigners to Settle in USA

Rev. Marjory Chikoore

Reverend Majory Chikoore came to America accompanying her husband Reverend Christopher Chikoore, who had received a calling to lead the Methodist Church before she enrolled at a theological seminary in North Carolina.

Reverend Chikoore and her husband based in Dallas Texas now lead the Lovers Lane Methodist Church Zimbabwe Fellowship, which they are using to assist Zimbabweans interested in relocating to the United States.

Reverend Chikoore said they provide help to people who want to take advantage of America’s diversity lottery, which grants people a chance to get green cards and ultimately settle in the United States.

"We have taken it upon ourselves to assist Zimbabweans who need help with applying to legally settle in the United States through the annual diversity lottery. When the people get here we help them to settle, to get proper paperwork that will enable them to work as well as help them enroll in school for those that want to further their education. Our motto is to help others so that they can in turn pay it forward,” said Reverend Chikoore.

She said they also assist some young underprivileged Zimbabweans who excel in school but are unable to continue with their education.

"We have several children we are sponsoring from here, who are very intelligent but cannot afford to further their education. We assist them with their school fees and school supplies. For some who are lucky we have been able to assist them to come to the United States to further their studies,” said Reverend Chikoore.

She added that she was disappointed with Zimbabweans who shun others in the diaspora.

"I have heard a lot of Zimbabweans saying they don't want to mix with others but this surprises me because how can you love others from a different nationality when you cannot embrace your own? My advice is seek like-minded people from Zimbabwe, further your education so that you will be able to give back when the time comes for you to go back home should you choose to do this,” said Reverend Chikoore.

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